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Yoga Specially Designed For Older Adults.

As you look through this website, you will be answering this question. What is the benefit of a Yoga program for me? We begin by walking you through various ways to educate yourself about how Yoga might best help you.

Imagine, you are my client meeting me for the first time. I want to help you discover how Yoga can address your personal health needs. Think of Yoga as medical therapy and we will seek to know how its therapeutic benefits match the health issues you face. Yoga is a kind of medicine that can benefit both the healthy and the sick. Anyone can do Yoga; including those who feel weak, have little energy, or have issues with flexibility as well as people who are ill or injured. This is what Yoga-To-You is about. We are a mobile Yoga service that can provide Yoga instruction to older clients individually or in the community where they reside.


Melanie S. Miran Hahn, Ph.D.
Founder and Executive Director, Yoga-To-You

Yoga To You

Yoga and its current place in modern medicine

As the health benefits of Yoga are increasingly recognized, more doctors in the US are utilizing yoga therapy as a complementary practice to modern western medicine. Often referred to in the medical literature as CAM (complementary alternative medicine), Yoga is offered as therapy in 93 percent of 755 integrative medical centers across the nation—facilities that offer both traditional medicine and alternative approaches to health under one roof. (source: the New York Times)

Increasing numbers of doctors advocate the use of Yoga therapy as a complementary treatment to modern medicine. Many physicians have become strong advocates for combining medical care with Yoga therapy to facilitate the healing process.

For many seasoned Yoga therapists, collaborating with doctors and hospitals is an important step forward. For example, many institutes of higher learning with alternative medical programs seek to bridge the gap between the medical profession and Yoga teachers and therapists by offering Yoga classes for medical students. This practice is driven by the notion that once medical professionals understand and feel the value of Yoga themselves, they can then suggest or prescribe it to their patients.

The convergence of Yoga therapy and modern western medicine is a positive trend that is on the rise. As increasingly more medical professionals and facilities advocate its use, Yoga therapy has become a pipeline for alternative healthcare.